Welcome to Kestano Caravan!

Thanks for visiting our website! We’re currently traveling around Europe with our four kids – aged 7, 5, 5, and 1 – in a caravan. We started in Germany in early July of 2015, where we bought a 27-foot Hobby caravan and a Volkswagen T5 Multivan tow car. Our general itinerary takes us through Holland, England, France, Spain, and Morocco in 2015, then has us spending the winter of 2016 in the South of France.

Later in 2016, we plan to tour through Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland. After all that, we’re talking about maybe heading to Southeast Asia for awhile and continuing our adventures there, but honestly we have no idea where we’ll be both geographically and mentally.

You can read all about our unfolding journey on our blog. We spend a lot of time crafting our blog posts, which are full of personal stories, descriptions of our environment, beautiful photos, and aerial videos shot with our remote-controlled drone. We try to be as real as we can about all the ups and downs of the trip, which include plenty of conflicts and breakdowns, alongside moments of bliss and deep fulfillment.

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We have a dedicated page for our aerial videos, as well as a Live Map that shows where we are at any given moment, along with our route since we started.

We’re also on Instagram at @kestanocaravan and @jypsyfamilia where we post a steady stream of fresh photos of our adventures.

Please contact us anytime with questions, comments, or anything else you’d like to share. We hope you enjoy reading about our travels!

Big Love,

Ryel, Joli, Aliya, Nikko, Ciele, and Kiran Kestano